The COVID Advantage

Witten by Aruwin Santherasegaren, Associate Market Analyst, Global Faucets at Kohler Co.

News comes in. School has temporarily suspended face to face classes before going fully online for the Spring Semester. All students are in shock, and wonders what happens next. Is this as bad as it seems? Is this only the start? All sorts of questions were being raised, but one thing is for sure, this virus is about to change our lives. AND, WE DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS.

Every time I hear the word change, it gives me a weird feeling. As much as I believe change is inevitable, it’s only normal to stick to own ways and hope for the best. However, as soon as this virus broke out, quick adaptations were vital. Five months ago, I planned on walking during the graduation ceremony, with my friends and family cheering me on, and celebrating the hard work I have done in UW-Eau Claire.

That wasn’t the case.

In reality, we had no graduation ceremony in May (it will be in October instead). Spending time with close ones were impossible, due to social distancing. Safety is the utmost priority, but it hurt me very much. For the first few weeks, I was down and upset life was not going to be the same again. April birthdays are just so unfair this year.

Confused and upset, I was dreading online classes and job searches. But then I tell myself what if I do a SWOT Analysis on myself during this time? I called this the COVID-19 Advantage. I wanted to use this opportunity to convert my weaknesses and threats into an advantage to improve myself. In order to do that, I decided to buckle up and have the best time possible during one of the worst times we’ve ever faced. No more negativity, no more sadness, but just getting the work done knowing that things will be okay again. We have amazing front liners who want us to stay home and stay safe. I made use of video calling, by calling my professors, career advisors, and although it is different, nothing beats the power of technology. I made a fixed schedule, which included at least 30 minutes workout a day, and seven hours of sleep.

And today, I feel like a much stronger person than before. I am proud of myself for adapting to a new normal, as well as excelling in my education to graduate in May. Never be afraid to change, because it opens your eyes.

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”

Albert Einstein