Welcome To Economic Motivation

You’re busy.

You have school, work, and tons of other things to do. In addition to our ever-increasing schedules, this generation has the shortest attention span in history.

Your busy schedule or small attention span is no excuse for building your entrepreneurial knowledge.

I originally started Economic Motivation as a way for people to consume important business knowledge in a short amount of time. I keep most articles to 5 minutes or less but occasionally include more in-depth topics that require longer.

Recently, I shifted my purpose for writing; now I write for myself primarily, and for my loved ones secondarily. My essays are always about topics that interest me (business or mindset-related) and I selfishly learn a ton by going through the process of researching, thinking critically, and writing about things I want to learn more about.

I re-read my own articles almost daily to recall things I’ve previously learned, and to improve on flaws in my own logic. I document my essays to see how my thoughts and ideas change over time. Hopefully, in the future, my kids will use these essays to learn not what to think but how to think for themselves.

I gather the most important business info from books, videos, and studies, and then summarize them into more concise segments in my own words.

I don’t write about trendy/current events—if you want business news, go to CNBC. Rather, my articles focus on timeless lessons, skills, mindsets, and knowledge that you can use for decades or even a lifetime.

If anyone reads this, I hope that you find enjoyment in learning through my essays.

Time is the most valuable asset you have. I hope you find great value on this site.

More power to you.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest” -Ben Franklin