The most valuable articles I’ve ever read.

  • This is a podcast, but definitely one of the most valuable pieces of information I’ve ever consumed for building wealth.
  • Startups, Economics, Learning, Programming, and Life. Insightful information and stories written very simply and articulated plainly. Pick any essay from Paul Graham that sounds interesting to you and I guarantee you will not regret it.
  • The role of luck or serendipity on one’s success.
  • Topics that make you a better and smarter leader: Learning, Mental Models, Decision Making, Reading Better, Intellectual Case Studies, and Self Improvement.
  • Everything self-improvement, backed by science.
  • Dr. Baird explains little-known and poorly-understood science concepts by correcting science myths, misconceptions, and errors that exist in the general populace and in science textbooks. He also answers any sincerely-asked conceptual question in the areas of science, health, science literacy, and scientific aspects of history and society.

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