Six Figure Tesla Employee Quits Job To Start Multi-Million Dollar Business

This is an excerpt from Start From Zero: Build Your Own Business & Experience True Freedom.

Imagine earning a comfortable six figures working for Tesla but quitting your job to try and start your own business. People would think you’re absolutely crazy! What can possibly be so beneficial to entrepreneurship to make you quit a six-figure job with benefits?

Carl Mattiola

Carl is that crazy man who quit his job at Tesla. He was a very successful employee at Tesla but said “I was never happy working for someone else”. Now Carl owns the number one fastest-growing company in his industry with 30 employees and he currently works far fewer hours than he did when he was working at Telsa. So how did he pull this off?

Carl’s success was no smooth road. He wasn’t born with a single business bone in his body and didn’t know a thing about starting a business. He was no expert in his industry and struggled with confidence and self-belief for two years on his journey. But what Carl did have was the determination and the persistence to pursue his life of freedom.

Carl went through many transformations to get to where he is today. He had to change his mindset from a consumer to a producer, and build the much-needed confidence to start and run a business.

Workers at the company’s assembly plant in Fremont, California, U.S. Photographer: Noah Berger/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Carl started his venture by waking up two hours before work every day to call and email Physical Therapy practices to find their biggest pain points. He was relentless in this and didn’t let his beliefs stop him. He mentions how he had to take ice baths in order to sleep at night because he would reach burnout through fighting his own belief systems which fueled his fear of failure.

Six months later, his business was generating $4,000 a month. Within three years, he got to $15,000 a month. Now after six years, his business generates well over $5,000,000 a year, although he won’t disclose how much more.

Here is Carl’s full business journey summarized by him:

“I interviewed hundreds of practice owners. I then came up with several business ideas and started with ClinicMetrics because it was the easiest win. I knew that the issue of healthcare consolidation was the biggest problem in the market but wasn’t sure how to tackle it. I met my now business partner during idea extraction, and we became friends over time. We partnered on a business using his systems and selling his procedures to other PTs. We tried selling newsletters as a solution. That failed. We then iterated to a course on marketing and lead generation for PTs, which took off. Then I used the money from that to fund the development of the idea for the platform, which is now the largest part of our business and key to realizing our purpose of helping people get back to normal naturally.”

Funny enough, Carl’s business partner rejected him when he first reached out. He replied to Carl saying “I don’t have any problems, thanks for reaching out though.” And instead of ignoring that reply, Carl’s tenacity kicked in and he replied saying “Hey, that’s great, maybe you can tell me what’s working well? I’m curious.” And through that, their friendship was formed.

So why did Carl take this risk of starting his own business when he had a stable, high-paying job at Tesla?

Carl says his deeper “why” keeps him going. “For me, it’s about leaving an impact on the world and helping to solve a problem for the greater good, as well as creating a place for others to work where they can live the lives they want to live… like I wanted when I was an employee.”

Carl’s six tips for starting your own business are:

1. Invest in yourself.

2. Change your own beliefs.

3. Learn about limiting beliefs and how to reverse them.

4. Know what you want.

5. Understand a customer’s biggest problem and then solve it.

6. Try stuff and fail, then try again. Failure is 100% necessary.

Start From Zero Book

Carl is just one example of an employee leaving their job for a greater purpose and to pursue freedom. Dane Maxwell’s book, Start From Zero has helped hundreds of people around the world gain that essential knowledge of starting a business from absolute zero and should be an essential read for all aspiring entrepreneurs.