Kwame Bofrot: How A Kid Turned His Passion Into A Business

How the social media star, Kwame Bofrot, was able to grow such a large following and make millions laugh.

Levi Korum, born in America and bred in Accra, Ghana, had an exuberant personality years before his fame. His natural rise to stardom transpired in less than a year, as he managed to reach millions of people by making funny skits.

Even before he ever had an Instagram account, Levi was a class clown; always telling jokes and making people laugh. He was a comedian in the making. As he entered high school, his comedic personality only amplified. This was around the time that social media was gaining traction in Africa and celebrities were erecting from various platforms. With the rise in both social media and smartphones, Levi’s comedic skits started spreading like wildfire not only in Ghana but worldwide.

His humbled journey started in high school with just a smartphone. He already had the ability to make people laugh and had just been given a platform to share his personality with whoever was interested. He began by sharing his comedic skits with close friends and family until his content naturally started to spread. His videos started circulating across other friend groups in his school and didn’t take long to reach neighboring schools.

To Levi’s surprise, his videos started going viral. What started as a platform to share his comedic personality with friends and family, naturally and quickly grew to a large audience. To capitalize on the opportunity, Levi trademarked his persona as a foreigner who speaks the local language fluently and who understands the local culture.

Levi chose Instagram as his main platform because it’s the easiest way to reach his target audience. So he started a separate account for his comedic skits and Kwame Bofrot was born. In the first week of his new Instagram account, Kwame Bofrot gained 400 followers right off the bat—mainly close friends and people he knew. As he continued posting, his account prospered. He recalls gaining about 100 new organic followers every week. His persona brand, now known as Kwame Bofrot, is loved by millions across Ghana and was starting to reach surrounding countries.

His growth story is nothing short of atomic. Levi’s strategy was to produce the best content and allow his growth to come from organic referrals. Today, it’s normal to see celebrities share and comment on his posts.

Today, Kwame Bofrot has over 50 thousand followers and almost 2 million views on his combined social media.

Levi says his consistency and persistence are to thank for his success. As he continues to post regularly, every other post would go viral and is reposted by celebrities and meme pages across different social media platforms.

Moving forward, Levi plans to expand his brand by continuing to find new and innovative ways to share his content. He is also working on turning Kwame Bofrot into more of a business. Levi plans to develop creative ways to monetize his fanbase and turn his brand into a profitable global business while providing joy and laughter to the masses.

For a laugh, go check out Kwame Bofrot on Instagram or TikTok