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Write Like Marcus Aurelius

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius is one of the greatest original books ever written. It was also never intended to be read by anyone other than Marcus himself.

Three Paths to Wealth

There are essentially only three different paths to building lasting wealth that all vary in difficulty, risk, and growth rate.

The Importance of Ambition

It’s possible to possess everything required to be successful, and not succeed. That’s where ambition comes in.

Are We Actually Losing Jobs to Technology?

Our world is slowly but surely moving to simplicity and autonomy. Many industries are boosting efficiency by letting machines do work for us. Trucks will soon drive themselves. Grocery stores are going cashierless. The good side to all this is it allows machines and robots to do our mundane, labor-intensive, repetitive work so that we…


Don’t Chase. Attract

Ordinary people focus on “chasing” success, without ever working on themselves. Success is a natural byproduct of following the basic fundamentals. So stop chasing what you desire—whether it’s love, money, success, or happiness. Become the best version of yourself, and your desires will chase you.

Are Religious People Happier?

Adequate studies have been done to prove that religion and spirituality have a positive correlation to an individual’s mental and emotional well being by promoting and supporting good mental health practice and a means to cope with their distress.

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