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Business Ideas

Some startup ideas that are either potential solutions to common problems or improvements to current technologies. I can’t pursue them all but I still believe they should exist. Problem: This is a problem that I have experienced firsthand. As someone who has been on both sides of the problem; as a tenant and a landlord, […]

Money Game

Once you have enough money to cover your needs then money is just a game.

Businesses I Should’ve Started

Each of these ideas was thought of before any significant competition for the idea existed. While these ideas are not identical to what became successful, they stemmed from the same hypothesis. In the end, ideas are worthless; without successful execution, it doesn’t matter how good your ideas are. My best friend and I talk business […]

Healthy Relationship With Money

Millionaires can be so cheap. They’re also more common than you think. Here is how my experiences with wealthy individuals altered my perspective and relationship with money.

Case Study: Value of a CEO

CEOs have ridiculous pay and get a lot of praise. Most of us know that they run the company, but do we actually understand what they do and what value they bring?

Indirect Costs of Free Products And Services

If something says it’s free, it’s not. Consumers may not use money directly when they receive something for free, but they pay indirectly in ways that benefit the company.

Lions and Tigers and Self-driving Cars Oh My!

Every year, 1.35 million lives are lost to traffic crashes around the world. Humans have endless distractions fighting for our attention meanwhile self-driving AI exists with one purpose and only one intention: To drive.


Don’t Chase. Attract

Ordinary people focus on “chasing” success, without ever working on themselves. Success is a natural byproduct of following the basic fundamentals. So stop chasing what you desire—whether it’s love, money, success, or happiness. Become the best version of yourself, and your desires will chase you.

Are Religious People Happier?

Adequate studies have been done to prove that religion and spirituality have a positive correlation to an individual’s mental and emotional well being by promoting and supporting good mental health practice and a means to cope with their distress.

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